First United Church Nursery School

More than just a school

848 W. Lake

Oak Park IL, 60301

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Our literacy-rich, play-based curriculum supports children's curiosity, creativity, initiative and confidence. The topics studied, as well as the classroom environment, are chosen based on children's interests.


More than just a school 

First United is a community of families and teachers that share in the experience of teaching, inspiring and guiding young children. We recognize parents as a child's first and most important teacher and a partner with the classroom teacher in the child's school experience.


The nursery school program supports the development of the child through an early educational experience based on play. Play promotes key abilities that provide children a solid base for later school success including cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth. The child's curiosity, creativity, confidence and initiative are encouraged and supported at First United Church Nursery School in an atmosphere of warmth and respect for each individual child. Interest centers are established in the classrooms to encourage children's learning through investigation, exploration and problem solving, which all promote positive attitudes about learning .


Social and emotional development are promoted through the relationship with teachers and through the opportunity to be a contributing member of a group that plans, problem solves and enjoys joint experiences. There are many opportunities during the school day for interaction with other children, and in the process opportunities for growing in ability to share, turn take, communicate ideas, listen to others, and settle conflicts with words. Most importantly, nursery school is a place to have fun with friends.


Both large and small muscle growth is promoted at nursery school. Physical coordination and large motor development are encouraged through participation in gym and outdoor activities. Small motor development is promoted through manipulation of a wide range of classroom materials.


Establishing positive attitudes about learning, including enthusiasm, engagement, confidence and joy, are goals of the program.